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Hands up if you struggle to do it all.  To find balance at home, balance at work and balance in taking care of your health. Does anyone have it all figured out?

Balance is different for everyone. The key to balance is knowing what is important to you and what is not, setting priorities and goals and feeling the sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching those goals.  No one can do it all and no one has the same definition of balance as another.

balanceBalancing Business

I love working, but don’t love work taking priority over my health or my family if I can help it. That is my balance.  I work a full day but will fit in a 45 minute run over lunch hour or I put in work time before the kids go to school then stop at the gym before returning to my desk.  It is not always easy to fit it all in but I know to feel balance I need to make time for what is important to me.  My balance in business is feeling good about how I spend my time and making sure I fit in my work hours and time to be active.

Balancing Bicycles

Working in the health industry, I am fortunate that the time I spend being active, making healthy meals and snacks is all being a part of my work/life balance. But I need more. I’ve always been a runner, and eventually running mile after mile by yourself gets boring and lonely.  The kids are always going to activities after school to learn music, new dance routines and more advanced gymnastics. Why should I stop learning? So last year I signed up for a new challenge and joined a group that met twice a week for hill runs or long bike rides.  I learned how to ride a tri bike and did my first ever triathlon. Having my own goals and learning something new gives me balance.

Balancing Birthdays

Having a clean house, folded laundry or beautiful outdoor gardens has never been a priority to me and if you stop by unannounced, you will see the result of that for sure! My priorities have always been family and being active. Last year I turned 45 and set a very large goal for myself in completing a Half Ironman, today I turn 46 and have decided on a new challenge. Birthdays are a great time to reflect and to plan for the year ahead.

As I turn 46, my new challenge is to be stronger. I have proved I have endurance, now I want to go for personal strength.

As of this moment I can do 5 full push ups. Yes, only 5.   I can do 45 seconds of a full plank. Yes, not even 1 minute.

I think going for 46 push ups might just be my new goal! Stay tuned! Until then, find what motivates you, what challenges you, and what rewards you . . .then you will find your balance.


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