Okay not exactly the nicest expression but everyone knows it so I am going with it.

Last week I taught an Ipad Basics Class to a room full of seniors who were in their seventies and well beyond. They brought their new shinny ipads with them and I got to work teaching them how how to make these babies work!

The first course I taught to this age group was an Introduction to Computers.  Back then I was working for the government and teaching part time.  I remember during the course gently taking the hand of a women who was putting her mouse on the computer screen and telling her that she had to operate it from the desk.Think how brave that women was to be in that class taking on the challenge of learning something as daunting as how computers worked.

Now fast forward 15 years and I am in front a room of tech savvy seniors who wanted to learn the latest and greatest apps. They were so amazing!

It got me thinking that we are never to old to learn.

So my tips for you this week comes in the form of a 21 Day Challenge to learn something new every day.

Here are some ideas to keep our minds active in the pursuit of learning:

Learn a new thing like:

  • Computer program
  • Craft
  • Language
  • Skill
  • Sport
  • Meditation
  • Sewing
  • Riding a motorcycle
  • Flying
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • A new accreditation

You get the point.  Just challenge yourself. Use things like Youtube, a webinar or a workshop to help you in the pursuit of learning!