Did you watch that movie with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette? It is called In Her Shoes. Toni was the boring sister who had a serious closet full of shoes and her sister was the wild and crazy girl always stealing her shoes and clothes. Over the course of the movie Toni’s character realizes that she needs to reinvent herself to be truly happy and Cameron’s character figures out she doesn’t have to be a screw up.

This movie got me to thinking how we all have a path to take and we often don’t know where the path should take them or even what path to take. I too struggle on my path and wonder how many women who seem to have it all are also struggling.



So how can we get closer to where we need to be? I have been doing a lot of reading to help me get there. 

Here is a few books I have been reading on my journey:

So what helps you? What books or steps have you taken in your life to find clarity and career/life guidance? I would love to hear your favourites so we can feature your advice on our site.

Just for the record  – I would never actually wear the heels pictured above but love women who would!

Interestingly enough, there is an annual international “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” events run by men to help end rape, sexual assault and gender violence of women.  Goes to show you that no matter how big your problems seem there is always someone else out there dealing with bigger issues. It certainly helps me to keep perspective over the stress I  feel along my journey to career success and self fulfillment.