I lost my father to cancer this month. As one of his caregivers, I feel lost, tired and experiencing a lack of direction that I am sure will pass in time. I am not alone, the loss in the world this week feels palpable. People we may have looked up to or admired have taken their life.

“There are no stars without darkness.” I read that at the hospice where my dad was.

A few weeks before my dad died I went to my cottage all by myself to grieve alone and reflect on what was to come in the next few weeks. I knew the end was near. By Sunday night I realized that I hadn’t gone out at night to see the stars.

Of course, there were no stars because the moon was too bright and it was partly cloudy. Attached to the beauty, I tried to hold on to it by taking a photo to capture it. It wouldn’t reflect what I saw in front of me. I just had to accept that it was there and soon it would be gone. For all of you who feel alone right now, please know you are not. Whether you surround yourself in the presence of nature, loved ones or a good book – you are never alone.