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@WomenBizNetwork has a new home with @Shecosytem starting November 1

The Secret Sauce

Collaboration is truly a beautiful thing when it goes right. Emily and Leigh discovered this through hard work, tough honesty and determination.

It started when they met at Gday for Girls over 2 years ago- bonding over a shared love of nature and sisterhood.

They became like sisters themselves – laughing, crying and dreaming together.

Leigh and Emily shared a passion for making a difference in the world.

They started slowly, at first offering weekly Coworking and Wellness Mentoring Meetups together last Fall. They both hated working alone. It was depressing, so they teamed up to offer services to help women thrive. It seemed they could do more together when pooling resources and time.

Emily gave Leigh the magic she had lost and the fire to keep going even when it was tough.

Leigh helped Emily to find her wings in her new business and together they blossomed, separately and together.

Two years later they have formed a new bond……

Women in Biz Network is proud to announce a collaboration with Shecosytem to provide:

  • A home base (located in Toronto at Bloor and Christie – right by the subway!) for women’s mentorship programs and resources that WIBN will run. From free Mentorship Office Hours to members-only in-person and online events, Women and Biz Network and Shecosystem will connect you with the expert advice, curated connections, and accountability systems to make sure you’re thriving.
  • Shecosystem Coworking + Wellness is an environment where working women thrive. Their open, flexible coworking space at Bloor and Christie in Toronto is a home base for women who work independently but want to create, collaborate, and connect with an authentic community. Together, evolving a feminine paradigm for the working world.
  • Members benefit from a supportive sisterhood, professional resources, and wellness-focussed workplace facilities and events. Whether you want to show up once a month or every day, they have a plan to suit your needs starting as low as $30/month.
  • Shecosystem has a studio, healing, and office spaces for rent by the hour so you can host your next meeting or event in this safe and inspiring space.  Regular members-only events and online communities help members get to know each other and build multi-dimensional relationships.

Become a Shecosister – WIBN members get 15% off all of our membership plans!

Contact info@shecosystem.ca   or visit www.shecosystem.ca

So don’t be a stranger – come see us after November 1st at our new home where women thrive. 


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