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I really hate the work networking. It seems so fake but I get that this is an industry term and I embrace and believe in the value networking. I prefer to call it relationship building.

I have built some amazing relationships through the art of networking authentically and honestly. I am always myself. If  we have a connection I want it to be real.

I have never wanted to know everyone in a room. I enjoy getting to know a select few at a time. When I build relationships with business contacts I often think the best advice I could give is to ask yourself the question:

“Would I be friends with this person outside of work.”

If the answer is yes then you know that your time is well spent getting to know this person.

Relationship building to mean means:

  • How can I get to know this person better in order to develop a valuable business bond
  • How can we help each other
  • What contacts do I have that would be valuable to this person?


What networking tips work for you?  Leave a comment below as we would love to hear how you have developed meaningful business relationship





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