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Fun is Part of My New Vision

My vision quest started with envy. I don’t do vision boards and spent little time thinking about vision until last Friday.

It started over a conversation with my friend and teammate Tabitha.  She is taking a “circus” class on Thursdays. I was envious. Who did she think she was leaving on a Thursday afternoon to hang upside down?

Then it happened to me. A business opportunity led me to Deerhurst Resort. 

It provided me with a getaway away trip I really needed,  (I spend way too much time at home) where I participated in yoga, saw two amazing concerts and met some great new girlfriends (it was indeed a weekend away for the gals- I just happened to bring my family too). Plus I spent Sunday kayaking with my family… how cool is that?

When I left on Friday at 3:30 pm my husband was bugging me to get off a business call. There was a lot of dirty looks and mouthed words to each other.

I was a stress ball trying to get as much done as I could before I left, but by the time I got to our destination I found the distance I needed from my work to realize that work could bloody well wait. My laptop I had brought stayed packed.

By the time I got home from my weekend away I realized that FUN was going to be apart of my business vision. Why can’t work and play mingle?

Here are the promises I have made to myself since Friday:

  • Find more time to be outside (work , exercise  and network outside)
  • Look for more win win opportunities where I can benefit from fun experiences (it is not always about the money)
  • Focus on the quality of my life overall, as a business owner and not just the money (honey). Time for play is now a priority.


What about you? Does fun play into your vision?


Sincerely, Leigh Mitchell | Founder of Women in Biz Network

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Featured Event: Profit Domination Live Event

And be prepared to be treated like a star! …you could turn your business into a 6 or 7 figure operation and become the success story you see others living? …you found out that it was only YOU and your big “BUT” that was getting in the way of YOUR success?


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#WIBN Twitter Chat – tax and financial questions answered by @WatkinSBS

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The Artistry of Change – Event from Carla Rieger (Vancouver)

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Strengthen Your Brand By Flexing Your Muscle

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