This weekend I made a commitment to myself to start keeping a daily journal.  The one I am using is called “The Five-Minute Journal.”

I wake up in the morning and write:

  • What I am grateful for
  • What would make today great?
  • Daily affirmation

Then at the end of the day, I write:

  • 3 Amazing things that happened today
  • How could I have made today even better?

What I love about this journal is they give you a whole introduction on how to be successful with this and why you need it. Also included are apps that can keep you on track and you can also set daily reminders for yourself to stay on track at 

So what’s happening so far? 

  • I find I am going to bed earlier as I know I won’t write if I stay up too late
  • I have started my day feeling like I have more time for myself. I feel more reflective and happier to greet my kids and set the vibe for the day.
  • I feel more optimistic and so far I have actually done one thing I have set out to accomplish, maybe because a seed is planted in my head…
The introduction to the 5 Minute Planner also recommends apps like or to stay accountable. I have chosen as I find that it works best for my preferences.  In looking up information on, I came across this list of the most common habits people are trying to form (or to drop). I thought these were interesting… Any resonate with you?Interestingly enough the top habit Meditate is one I am also tracking!

(Please note: I am not being paid or recognized to endorse any of these products. My goal is only to help you set the pace for a thriving life! )

Most Popular Habits

  1. Meditate
  2. Exercise
  3. No Alcohol
  4. Wake up early
  5. Read
  6. Write In Journal
  7. Be Grateful
  8. Floss
  9. Drink more water
  10. Set priorities for your day
  11. Meditate For At Least 10 Minutes
  12. Read a book for 30 minutes
  13. Go to gym
  14. Write Three Positive Things About Today (thanks Zack Shapiro for creating this)
  15. Take Vitamins
  16. Pray
  17. Brush Teeth in the Morning
  18. Study
  19. Take a walk outside
  20. Wake Up On Time
  21. Make Bed
  22. No Sweets
  23. Stretch
  24. Eat Breakfast
  25. Brush Teeth at Night
  26. No Smoking
  27. Cold shower
  28. Weigh In
  29. Run
  30. Walk
  31. Pushups
  32. No Soda
  33. Yoga
  34. Learn To Speak A Foreign Language
  35. Clean for 15 Minutes
  36. Affirmations
  37. Sleep by Midnight
  38. Eat Fruit
  39. Inbox Zero
  40. Take Multivitamin
  41. Keep in touch with friends
  42. Take Medication
  43. Yoga or Stretching
  44. Save Money
  45. No Fast Food
  46. Write To Do List
  47. Develop A Writing Habit
  48. Walk 10,000 Steps
  49. No Screens After 10pm
  50. Practice Musical Instrument
  51. No Biting Nails
  52. Good Posture
  53. Wake up by 6:30
  54. Quality time with my children
  55. Track Food
  56. Workout
  57. Learn Something New
  58. The Five Minute Journal
  59. Stop and enjoy life
  60. Call mom/dad
  61. No Coffee
  62. Drink water first thing in the morning
  63. Intermittent fasting
  64. Eat More Vegetables and Fruits
  65. No Sugar
  66. Tell my wife I love her
  67. Get Out Of Bed The First Time The Alarm Goes Off
  68. Sleep at least 8 hours 30–60 minutes reading
  69. Daily Gratitude List
  70. Unclutter
  71. Watch a TED talk
  72. Write
  73. Eat Vegetarian
  74. Listen more than talk
  75. Lift Weights
  76. Sleep at least 7 hours
  77. Stretch in the morning

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