In order to truly thrive in life we must explore how we achieve and lead our communities.

Join us for another amazing round Pecha Kucha style of presentations as a follow up to our Thrive Conference. We will enjoy  table discussions around each presentation on the important pillar of leadership.

When: Thursday June 9th, 2016

Time: 4-8 pm

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Location: CFIB Headquarters, 4141 Yonge St, North York, ON M2P 1N6


 The Powerful Way to Cultivate Client Relationships and Revenue with Sharon Jones | Pillar: Community 

Excellent  leaders know it’s imperative to understand how their clients prefer to communicate. Do you know what motivates your clients, whether they prefer facts and figures or feelings and opinions? That’s the starting point of cultivating a great client relationship. And great leaders also know that  to develop a great relationship it takes more than knowing what their company has to offer to clients.


Sharon designs and delivers training and facilitation workshops that cut right to the chase and get you thinking. She’s also an ex-pat Brit with a strong Manchester accent and sense of humour who spent the first part of her career in the Ad business, wearing a suit to work every day.

Spanning the UK and Canadian ad industry Sharon worked at agencies including MacLaren, and Draft, and rose to VP, Client Services. Her clients included HP, OLG, Rogers, RBC.

Sharon always enjoyed creating light-bulb learning moments for people so it surprised no one when she changed direction with her career and became a Trainer/facilitator. She has a passion and zeal to help professionals be the best version of themselves.

Technical skills and strategic smarts aren’t enough to get people where they want to go. Sharon’s training and facilitation is grounded in helping people understand themselves better; to raise their levels of self-awareness so they can understand what they need to do to become well-rounded team players, leaders, managers. Her training has a zero-fluff or filler policy; she also brings humour to the training room because people learn best when they can enjoy it.

A two-year sojourn back to the UK in 2013 equipped Sharon with more skills in psychometrics and a revved –up knowledge bank and expanded training design and delivery capability.

Topics Sharon has trained thousands of people in Canada, the US, the UK and Dubai include: Communication Skills, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Being Professional From Manager to Leader, Tackling Tough Conversations, High Performing Teams, Consultative Selling

Tell us about your business

The core of the business is active self awareness which is achieved in three ways, either separately or together:
1) soft-skills – leadership skills – people relationships improvement skills – training. Topics such as Conflict Management, The Emotionally Intelligent Leader, Tackling Tough Conversations, Better Business Writing.
2) psychometric assessments – to better understand your own and others work-placed behavioural preferences, understand emotional intelligent and your own perceived use of EI, understand cognitive ability – how fast the brain works and whether you’d be suited to a job where nothing changes or where you prefer learning new things constantly

What advice would you give  attendees?

Learn who your authentic self is; when you know who you are at the core and what is important to you, you can find those situations, people, environments where you can not simply exist – you thrive


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