If you are a parent of a child with LDs, dyslexia, ADHD and/or mental health challenges such as anxiety or you know a family that would need or want the support of this community please take the time to look and pass it forward.  Susan Schenk and Sperry Bilyea, both Women in Biz members are the co-founders of this leading edge parent support non-profit organization called Shift Your Thinking.  I am happy to be one of the positive parenting and mindful experts at the Summit in May.  Early bird tickets end  April 24th .  Go to www.shiftyourthinkingLD.com for more details and tickets. 

Thriving in a Soupy Label Mix

Shift Your Thinking for me is an example of practicing convergence in my life. Time is limited, my family needed me and I wanted to continue to help others. This is the way I thrive.

Just a little background….2 years ago – I hired Susan through her Invincible Mama Program to help my family when I knew I was in over my head. Our family was not thriving. I had 2 boys struggling socially on the playground and in the classroom. I have a daughter who is continually trying to manage her anxiety. To get the labels over with….I have ADD and I knew that I needed help. I have 3 children who have all been assessed. We are a soupy mix of all the labels. My 2 sons have ADHD as well. 2 of my children have anxiety. 2 of my children have LDs, 1 of my children has ODD.

After the experience with Susan, Susan and I decided we wanted to work together in some way. We researched and started looking at what was out there to support parents and children. We could not find what we were looking for…. Where was the community of families like us? The concrete strategies? The path? And why did my husband and I constantly feel like we were the only parents struggling with these issues?

There are many resources out there, however, most of them are very siloed by condition, country, and location. We decided we needed to create one….a community that was online so it was accessible with everyone’s busy schedules but it also had a real world component where there was actually CONNECTION. We wanted to create an organization that gathers the latest trusted information around the child’s needs, not the other way around. These beautiful brains are not wrong they are just different. We hope Shift will be a place for parents to go that are just starting this journey to the veterans who are always searching for best practices.

We are building a much-needed village. Come join us. This village will provide support, guidance, access, a place to be vulnerable, to practice self -compassion and learn from each other, experts and best practices around the world.

For me parenting my wonderful human beings is a daily practice of patience, learning, and joy. There are many ups and downs, however, having the support of folks I can turn to not just online but in the real world has made the parenting journey so much more rewarding and manageable.

Our next Shift Your Thinking Summit is May 13th at Lakeshore Campus. The themes are gut health, parental stress management, and advocacy. If May 13th does not work – everything is recorded so the entire program is available globally. We are a non-profit – self-funded and the ticket prices cover speaker expenses, venues, and videos. To learn more or register visit www.shiftyourthinkingLD.com

Author Biography

Sperry Bilyea and Susan Schenk (OT) are the co-founders of Shift Your Thinking. Shift Your Thinking’s purpose is to provide access to experts from all over the world and offer online and real world support to parents who have children with LDs, ADHD, and/or mental health challenges.

Connect on Twitter @shftyourthink and at www.shiftyourthinkingLD.com and on facebook