I had the pleasure of attending The Art of Small Business Conference this week with a number of my WIBN members and I have to say I was extremely impressed by the quality of the speakers at this conference.

The lineup was incredible, speakers included:

  • W. Brett Wilson
  • Michael E. Gerber
  • John Jantsch
  • Jonathan Fields
  • Mitch Joel
  • Stephen Shapiro


I was able to take something away from each presentation I listened to. The presentation that had the most impact on me was by Michael Gerber.

Michael’s book E-Myth Revisited was a wonderful recommendation from my colleagues Erica Ehm and Roger Pierce a number of years ago and the book is an absolute must for new business owners.

Michael had a brash and bold way to speaking on stage and I found it absolutely electric to listen to him speak. Here is what I got from his presentation:


SIX Essential Skills for a Successful Life as a Biz Owner:

  1. Be Present – Don’t be in the past or in the future. Don’t be distracted. BE HERE. Mindful entrepreneurs are the most successful entrepreneurs there are.
  2. Concentration – Be aware of what needs to be done and focus your attention on those things first. Prioritize.
  3. Discrimination  – Be careful when you choose what is important to focus your attention on. You choose. Make it good.
  4. Organization – Small business owners must be organized   (hire someone if you aren’t organized to get you organized!)
  5. Innovation  – Always be thinking about continuous improvement in everything you do – make it the basis of your business ethic
  6. Communication – Communicate well with your customers, network and be awesome

My take away is this  –  we only have one life to live – be present and experience the joys of business ownership by being truly present in everything that you do! We can constantly re-shape our destiny. We just need to ensure we are present in our everyday experiences to be truly successful. It is really easy to get ahead of ourselves and being present makes us most effective as people and as business leaders.

When you are with your families – really be with your family. I keep hearing from entrepreneurs how UN-present they are with their families and how guilty that makes them feel.  When you are with your business – really be with your business. I think the more you are present with both areas of your life the more time you will save in the long run!