WiseMouth Media Inc. came about from a conference that I spoke at over four years ago. I was seated with the one of the board of directors for dinner that evening and together we spent hours sharing about the value of expressing wisdom, insights and experiences, which both of us had been practicing through our businesses for years. What was even more amazing during that serendipitous dinner was that we both felt it was just as important to learn from others, as it was to teach – didn’t matter who you were. Two years later Julian Wise and I birthed a plan together that would allow all people to have a non-judgmental on-line space to share their wisdom, because we believe that when the world shares, everyone grows.

Tell us about your business

WiseMouth Media Inc. is a website that allows all people, regardless of status or age a free place to come to and sign up using whatever user name they choose to use, so that they can deposits bits of their wisdom, insights and experiences for no other reason but to bless the world. WiseMouth Media Inc. is also a publishing house that helps capture and preserve those bits wisdom in print and helps those with topic expertise become published authors. For those organizations, companies and brands that want to contribute to the global conversation and wish to partner with WiseMouth Media, we offer sponsorship opportunities, which fosters authentic community engagement.

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