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Leigh Mitchell, Founder of Women in Biz Network | @Womenbiznetwork on Twitter

Social Marketer and connector for Women in Business helping business owners and professions to Grow and Thrive in Business and Life. Leigh has been featured in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Living and CBC Radio. She has been a featured speaker at national conferences across Canada and a judge for Microsoft and UPS Small Business initiatives.

Leigh specializes in achieving results driven social marketing looking to grow their businesses with less stress and greater impact! CPSA is a partner of Women in Biz Network

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5 Steps to Building Community with Compassion

Learn how giving back is the best way to build your business. We will focus on how your talents can help others in your industry. The benefits include positioning yourself as an expert in your industry and increased contentment in the work you do. Enjoy feeling better about what you do, who you serve, increased sales and a refuelled passion for your business.

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“Talk less, listen more.”global_433949910

Connect on Twitter @womenbiznetwork and at http://www.womeninbiznetwork.com and at http://www.facebook.com/womenbiznetwork on instagram and on pinterest

Leigh Mitchell  will be speaking at the Biz Networking in Action event on February 2, 2016.  To register or to learn more, please visit: Biz Networking in Action