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Jennifer Beale has more than 13 years of success finding clients and partners through networking events. Once shy, her business went from bright idea to six figures in six months — just by meeting people at networking events. Today, Jennifer guides professionals and entrepreneurs to master the art and science of networking as a business building strategy. Her unique background in journalism, research, project management and her personal journeys form her cutting edge approach to finding, conversing and converting contacts into clients, partners and collaborators. Jennifer is the editor of a popular eZine – – that promotes business networking events, and produces two of Toronto’s largest business networking events. An energetic, encouraging and engaging presenter, Jennifer delights audiences with her unique blend of practical wisdom shared through her compassionate spirit and self.

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Hot Spots to Find New Clients – Beyond Networking Events.
Each month in the, there are 500+ formal networking events each month. In this session explore places and spaces where your ideal clients hang out beyond the usual events.

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The Platinum Rule: always treat people the way they want to be treated.Logo-BizNet-JPEG1

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Jennifer Beale  will be speaking at the Biz Networking in Action event on February 2, 2016.  To register or to learn more, please visit: Biz Networking in Action