Teresa Kruze is a veteran broadcaster and journalist. She was one of Canada’s first female sportscasters and paved the way for many of the women that are on the air reporting on sports today. After fourteen successful years, she left TSN to pursue her other goals and worked as an anchor for CP24, 680News and wrote a national career column in Metro News. She is currently the Host and Producer of “Living Clean – Living Well” on CTS-TV every Sunday night, Canada’s only live interactive television talk show that helps people in crisis.

In November 2013, Kruze published “The In-Credibility Factor”. Featuring some of the top business people in the world today, the book rocketed to the top of the bestseller list. Thirty entrepreneurs were profiled in the book along with their top five success principals. Terry Beech, an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at UBC and Simon Fraser University, added thirty tools and strategies that people need to know about before starting their own company. “The In-Credibility Factor” has been featured on Canada AM, BNN, 680News and in the Financial Post.

How does your business help entrepreneurs and professional women?

As a journalist, I have been able to interview and learn from some incredible people and entrepreneurs. Now I want to share my knowledge with people and condense six years of research and writing into a concise and compact presentation that people can absorb quickly. I also want to share “Insider Information” with fellow entrepreneurs on what they can do to get their products, companies or services noticed in the media.

What are you passionate about in your business and what steps are you taking to make it profitable?

I’m most passionate about sharing with other business owners what I have learned from the people I have interviewed and the knowledge I have gained working in the media for twenty-five years. I am currently in the midst of a Canada-wide media and speaking tour giving presentations to many business groups and organizations. I am also teaching a series of workshops called “Pitch Perfect, Be A PR Pro” where I share twenty-five years of experience and give insider secrets to get people’s companies, products or services noticed in the media.

What do you hope conference attendees will take away from hearing you speak at our conference?

What you will learn:

How successful entrepreneurs smash through the Barriers in Business

How they cope with financial challenges to emerge stronger than ever

The top five success principles of millionaires and billionaires

What is your favourite business tool

My favourite business tool is social media and engaging with people one-on-one when I speak or conduct a workshop.The-Incredibility-Factor-3-D

What is your favourite business book?

I love many business books but the one that really caught my attention lately was “Lead With a Story” by Paul Smith. Today’s most successful companies are turning their executives into corporate storytellers to engage and inspire their employees and audiences.

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Hear Teresa Kruze at the Passion to Profit Conference in Vancouver

Session: Breaking through the Barriers in Life and Business to find YOUR In-Credibility Factor

Teresa Kruze, Broadcaster and Best-selling Author, has interviewed some of the most high-profile and successful people in the world. As a journalist, she was able to get entrepreneurs, giants of business and multi-millionaires to share their thoughts on success and how they coped with tough times to emerge stronger than ever. After years of interviews and research, Kruze is ready to share what she has learned from some of the best minds in business today. What you will learn:

  • What entrepreneurs say it takes to succeed in business and how they push themselves and their companies to the next level.
  • How they coped with financial challenges to pull their businesses back from the brink of disaster to emerge stronger than ever.
  • How to apply the top five principles of the best entrepreneurs in the world to your life right NOW.
  •  How successful entrepreneurs smash through the Barriers in Business
  • How they cope with financial challenges to emerge stronger than ever
  • Insider Secrets to get your company noticed by the media

Get ready to supercharge your business in 2014 and make your goals a reality.


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