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As a Partner Account Manager supporting Western Canada, Brian’s role is to deliver on the value of Microsoft’s all up strategy to the Partner community. By developing and working within a Partner Business Plan, Brian orchestrates a sales, marketing, and readiness process with his partners which focuses on delivering results.

How does your business help entrepreneurs and professional women?

As a Partner Account Manager in Microsoft’s Small & Medium Sizes Business group, I can help your teams act faster and smarter using collaboration tools from Microsoft.


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Hear Brian Miller at the Passion to Profit Conference in Vancouver:

Session: Technology Supporting Collaboration For Business

There’s more to collaboration than simply working together and sharing information. True collaboration enables teams to work simultaneously or at different times towards a common goal. Put simply, you don’t necessarily need to be online or in real-time contact with a colleague as long as you are working with tools that enable you to contribute towards the same end. Join Brian to learn how Microsoft collaboration tools can help you work more effectively.

About the Passion to Profit Conference

Passion to Profit is an affordable opportunity for Canadian entrepreneurs to grow their networks and find the support and training they need. October 20 , 2014 – Vancouver, BC.