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Jeff Pulver is an Internet pioneer known for his work in growing the VoIP industry. A globally renowned thought leader, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur. In 1995 Jeff defined “VON” to stand for Voice/Video on the Net. In 2004 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued what is known as “The Pulver Order.” From 1997 to 2008 he hosted/produced the VON Conferences which directly contributed to the worldwide acceptance of VoIP. In 2009 Jeff started hosting a conference series looking at the effects of social media on business and life known as the “140 Characters Conference”, #140conf.

For more details about Jeff, see Jeff Pulver in Wikipedia.

Since 1995, Jeff Pulver has been involved in many startups. Some as founder, others as co-founder and others as an advisor and/or investor. Some of his startups include: Free World Dialup (FWD) (was the first worldwide Internet Telephony Phone network), the VON Coalition, Vivox and VoIP provider, Vonage. Currently, Jeff serves as Chairman of Zula, a company he co-founded together with Jacob Ner-David.

Named by BusinessWeek as one of their 2003 Tech Gurus and was profiled by the Wall Street Journal in 2006. Jeff is committed to the future of the Internet and is featured often in the media as an expert in his field. Jeff has influenced the creation of numerous other startups around the world.

Jeff is an active investor in (early) early-stage companies with a specific focus since 2007 on Israeli Hi-Tech Startups. CrunchBase profile (not entirely accurate)

Jeff discovered crowd sourced motivation during his recent journey where he avoided gastric by-pass surgery and “outsourced” 120+ pounds (54+ kilos) from July 2012-December 2013. Jeff continues to be an advocate of healthy living, regular exercise and “eating with intention.”


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