As a community manager with outstanding relationship building skills, Rossana understands the value of relationships and how to build communities through social media; with her guidance on the intricacies of working with the Media, she has also led non profit organizations to increase their presence and awareness within the community.

What do you hope to take away from the conference?

To connect, share and be inspired by all the social changemakers.


What do you think is our greatest social problem today? Any suggestions to solve it?

One of them is the disparity in wealth – helping the homeless as much as we can and getting the corporations to give more to help the homeless and provide shelter and nourishment when needed.

Mental health issues – many people face them, but are afraid to admit and ask for help – need to keep conversation going to make it less of a stigma to get help.

What is the most inspiring book you have read?

One of them would be Eat, Pray, Love.
Although a story of a woman finding herself – it can apply to many situations, never be afraid to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. Personal growth comes from trying new things – not always taking the same path.

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Rossana Wyatt is attending the #SocialforGood Conference

About the #SocialdforGood Conference

If you a socially conscious individual, entrepreneur, corporation or non-profit organization you can’t afford to miss this conference! Please join us for two days that will evoke conversation, initiate ideas and inspire creative solutions to spread social good in your community and workplace.

#SocialforGood will have you dive deeper then you ever have before and will address:

  • What a #socialforgood movement is and why it even matters
  • Can a business really make a profit while doing something that makes a difference? Yes! Learn how!
  • Ideas and beliefs by change makers and sought after experts.
  • We will explore why investing in women is the world best social strategy
  • Creative solutions to inspire change in your life, workplace and business
  • How to Bring Authenticity and Integrity to Your Business
  • How Creating your Business Creates a Whole New You
  • How to raise money for your social business or cause
  • The best ways to spread your message: Video, podcasts, public speaking, social media and more