erica ehm socialforgood award host We are excited to announce that Erica Ehm of Yummy Mummy Club will be the MC for the #SocialforGood Awards. Erica has interviewed many amazing celebrities over the years, and her style  puts people at ease, likely starting from her days on Much Music  – she is well read, funny and smart.

Erica has been on the social scene now for years now helping to show a real portrayal of motherhood ( Likely being social is a family trait – Evelyn her mother has even more followers on Twitter then Erica  – something she proudly points out ). Erica is a change maker – helping society to see mothers as  real women worthy of a life outside of their children while still honouring the magic of motherhood.  Erica is a change maker – helping others through her work with social based campaigns. Her public honesty makes her a trail blazer and if I didn’t want her so bad as an MC I would have nominated her for this award!

My personal experience with Erica has been amazing – she was one of the first women I reached out to for advice on becoming an entrepreneur. Here is that article: What makes Erica Tick?

I remember being shocked that Erica personally answered my e-mail = within minutes of receiving it. I was excited and scared for our phone interview. My fears were unfounded as she was gracious, approachable and kind. I have worked Erica over the years and am honoured and thrilled that she donated time from her busy schedule to MC our #SocialForGood Awards.



About Erica Ehm

Erica Ehm is the Creator and Publisher of – the online destination for modern moms looking for adult stimulation.

Erica is one of Canada’s most recognized personalities, having started her career in the mid-80’s as the voice of her generation on MuchMusic. Her multimedia resume includes acting, award winning songwriter, playwright, author, journalist and most importantly,

It was her difficult transition from career woman to new mother that inspired Erica to create an online destination for women with children. Thousands of women have become devoted members of YMC, and Erica has become the passionate voice of a whole new generation of moms.

A busy woman juggling multiple activities at once, Erica has become a resource for Canadian women, who often look to her for insight and advice on how to manage their busy lifestyles and still make time for themselves.

Marketing to today’s modern woman has become one of Erica’s strengths. Advertisers and marketers often use Erica as a resource to connect with mothers.

Erica’s career in television spans two decades. She was co-creator, writer and host of Yummy Mummy, a parenting show for the music video generation. Other shows include Baby and You – Rogers Television, Popstars: The One – Global, Real Life with Erica Ehm – Life Network, Power Play – Discovery Channel, and The Company – TVO, Live at the Concert Hall – Bravo.

Ehm’s talents extend to songwriting. She has won two Junos, three Country Music Awards and three SOCAN Awards. She co-wrote the theme for the film and series Pippi Longstocking. Love Me Even More was the theme song for the film Some Things That Stay.

Erica was contributing editor for What’s Up Kids magazine and wrote three stage musicals for the family market for soft-seaters across North America.

She is the author She Should Talk: Conversations with Exceptional Women about Life, Dreams and Success (HarperCollins). Encouraging women and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams is the re-occurring theme for many of Erica’s projects.

She co-authored the kids book The Mischeivous Mom At the Art Gallery with Rebecca Eckler.

Her son Joshua, his little sister Jessie and husband Terry are the reason Erica is a Yummy Mummy.

More about Erica (from her Blog)

About my kids:

My kids make me stop and think about what really matters. Their hearts are pure, their hands are dirty and their brains are busy. They make me burst with pride.

Parenting is…:

the prism through which I see life.

We know you don’t have a lot, but when you do, what do you like to do in your spare time?:

Sadly, I work too much. I love to work and turn nothing into something. But I’m trying to pry myself away from the computer and my busy brain and start getting fit. I love to run. It makes me feel like superwoman. Reading is my guilty pleasure. And Anthropologie.

When are you at your yummiest?:

In my leopard skin Snugabyes cuddling on the couch with my family. Or wearing my running clothes, sweating after a 5km run.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what would be the title?:

Yummy Is A State of Mind

What’s currently in your purse?:

Lots of YMC pens, my overstuffed wallet, business cards and my phone.

What superhero power would you like to have?:

Cure disease

If we gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?:

I would give it to my son who would ride it into the jungle where they would both be happy. Then my son would come home and write his first novel about that experience.

Twitter Handle:


Apply for the #SocialforGood Award Now – Amazing Recognition and Prizes

SocialforGood Award


Introducing the
#SocialforGood Do-Gooders Awards Ceremony May 26, 2015


Calling all entrepreneurs – for profit and not for profit:  Are you helping others through your business? Whether you are donating a percentage of profits to charity or have solved a social problem with your business we would love you to inspire others by sharing your story when you apply for the #SocialforGood Award. 

#SocialforGood Award Semi-Finalists (chosen after application – semi finalists will be announced May 1, 2015) will win: 

#SocialforGood Winner will Receive:



Selection Process:

Nominations will be evaluated with the following considerations in mind:

1. Social engagement – both online and within their networks and community at large

2. Scalability of the project or organization

3. Creativity and impact of business, their cause, community and/or world at large.

1 ticket to the conference is provided to semi finalists. All expenses are the responsibility of the nominee and nominator. Applications will be selected by a panel of judges (to be posted soon).


Two ways to apply:

1. Nominate an amazing women making a difference

2. Apply yourself as a women business owner