Jennifer is a Registered Counsellor, Life Coach and certified Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Practitioner who offers equine-guided self-discovery (coaching with horses) as an intuitive new approach to energy healing, skill-building and personal development. Her mission is simple: To help others stop living in their head, and start living in their hearts and bodies. Since horses are so attuned to non-verbal cues, Jennifer believes they act as human mirrors, providing transparent, immediate, and non-judgmental feedback on how we’re relating to ourselves and our environment. In guiding us to this place of self-awareness, horses can teach us how to rebuild trust in ourselves and others, communicate honestly, create healthy boundaries, develop confident leadership skills, and nurture our deepest passions. By giving people an opportunity to have their stories reflected back to them through the eyes of horses, Jennifer hopes to help others ride in new directions in their life, break free of their fears, and find the inner peace and self-acceptance they’ve been craving.

How can your experience or your business help fellow conference attendees?

Even though humans speak thousands of words every day, many of us fail to realize how much we communicate with non-verbal cues. Unlike us, horses are prey animals, so they rely on their feelings, body language and intuition to survive. This makes it possible for them to pick up on our slightest gestures, physiological responses (muscle tension and heart rate), conscious and subconscious energy states.

Since horses are so attuned to our energetic messages, they can provide us with transparent, immediate, and non-judgmental feedback on how we’re relating to ourselves and our environment. And by bringing these hidden truths to the surface, horses can teach us practical lessons on self-awareness, trust, honest communication, play, healthy boundaries, leadership, patience, assertiveness, affection, nurturance and more.

What do you hope to take away from the conference?

Inspiration, meeting new people.Unbridled-logo

What do you think is our greatest social problem today? Any suggestions to solve it?

As a society, we live more from our heads than our hearts and our guts. Get connected to and listen to our bodies wisdom.

What is the most inspiring book you have read?

Anything by Debbie Ford.

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Jennifer Schramm is attending the #SocialforGood Conference

About the #SocialforGood Conference

If you are a socially conscious individual, entrepreneur, corporation or non-profit organization you can’t afford to miss this conference! Please join us for two days that will evoke conversation, initiate ideas and inspire creative solutions to spread social good in your community and workplace.

#SocialforGood will have you dive deeper then you ever have before and will address:

  • What a #socialforgood movement is and why it even matters
  • Can a business really make a profit while doing something that makes a difference? Yes! Learn how!
  • Ideas and beliefs by change makers and sought after experts.
  • We will explore why investing in women is the world best social strategy
  • Creative solutions to inspire change in your life, workplace and business
  • How to Bring Authenticity and Integrity to Your Business
  • How Creating your Business Creates a Whole New You
  • How to raise money for your social business or cause
  • The best ways to spread your message: Video, podcasts, public speaking, social media and more