So long, farewell pen and paper

Remember the good "old" days of printing a document 5 times, to which you signed multiple times on multiple pages, then scanned, faxed and/or mailed the document to the recipient? Not only was this a slow and tedious process, it didn’t do our environment any good either. Thanks to technology and DocuSign Ink, those days are as good as over.

Many uses and advantages of digital signatures

DocuSign Ink is a personal electronic signature product that allows consumers to sign and send documents from their mobile devices or computer. Whether it’s an approval for an internal document, purchase requisition, customer contract, rental lease agreement or a permission form for your child’s school, DocuSign Ink works for anyone and everyone.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or a tech nerd to use DocuSign. It really is that simple. The interface on the iPad is intuitive and uncomplicated. In a matter of minutes, your document is signed, sealed and delivered.

Click and drag your digital approval

Documents can be imported from apps that support the "Open in" function such as Email, Dropbox, Safari, GoodReader and more. Alternatively, take a photo of the document, then simply save to DocuSign Ink and you’re ready to go.

Click and drag your signature or initials to the area on the document that requires your approval. What’s great is that your printed name and current date are automatically filled in each time you open a document. You can also add your own text (perfect for comments/questions) and drag it to the appropriate section of the document.

Is a digital signature legal?

Would an electronic signature document hold up in a court of law? The short and sweet response from DocuSign is yes. Based on my research (I’m NOT a lawyer), both the U.S. and Canada have similar laws surrounding electronic signatures. Keep in mind that electronic signatures on wills, trusts and certain court related documents are not valid though. Most other signatures in electronic form are considered just as permissible as its pen and paper counterpart.

With a who’s who of a client list such as LinkedIn, Costco, Remax, American Express, Yahoo, Air Canada and soon to be PayPal, we can feel at ease that DocuSign is private and secure. After all, if it’s good enough for multi-million dollar corporations, it should be good enough for us, right?

Have you tried DocuSign Ink? If so, was if for business, personal or both?


App: DocuSign Ink

Cost: Free

Platforms: Android

Image: DocuSign Ink

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