1. Tell us about your business. 

I have been running Rabbat Photography since 2001.

I am most passionate about photographing weddings and portraits (people!).   My goal is to capture the most important moments, so when you look back at your photos, you’ll be able to laugh, cry and feel like you’re there all over again.

I studied photography at Sheridan College after a highly enjoyable high school co-op experience at The Toronto Sun, and I have a Psychology degree from the University of Guelph.   More than anything else, I love observing people and documenting relationships and/or the essence of somebody’s personality.

I had Janette Rojas and Sarah Faulkner, join my company over the past decade.  We share a similar photojournalistic style with a creative flair for portraiture.

Rabbat Photography is a member of Greener Photography and the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, where we have won several awards.

We are committed to the environment and our studio runs on Bullfrog Power. 

We also use all local vendors where possible in our commitment to remaining green and supporting the local economy (it helps that they are the best!).

2. Other than being an entrepreneur, who are you? Tell us about yourself. 

I am a live theatre and music addict.  I also play hockey in the winter and am a passionate lindy hop (swing) dancer.

I have two little ones (Julia age 4 and Emily age 1), so they keep me pretty busy as well. 

That being said, I promised myself that when I had children I was still going to continue having an active social life.

I bring my children everywhere they are allowed to go. 

Julia has been to the Cameron House for live music many times and our whole family will be going to the Mariposa Folk Festival this summer, like we do every year.

Last year I brought the girls on a lindy hop camping trip to Algonquin park!

I am an avid reader as well.  I especially loved Ann-Marie MacDonald’s "Fall on Your Knees," Lawrence Hill’s "The Book of Negroes," and Catherine Gildiner’s "Too Close to the Falls".  I guess I read a lot of CanLit!

3. What motivated you to go into business for yourself?  

I wanted to be a photographer and it didn’t occur to me to do it any other way.

4. How do you overcome challenges and obstacles in your business?  

Learn. Follow a plan. Take risks. Take action. Maintain a positive attitude.

I’ve learned the most important thing you can do as an entrepreneur is keep going and if the path you’re currently on isn’t going quite the way you want, take a risk and follow through!  Plant as many seeds as possible and watch them come to fruition.

5. What are your greatest strengths as an entrepreneur?    

I’m a real people person.  I’m also highly motivated. 

If I decide I’m going to go for something, I do.  As an old friend once said to me after seeing me for the first time in many years, "I love how whenever I see you, you’re on the same path but you’re farther along than you used to be."

6. What are you most passionate about in your business?  

I love connecting with people and documenting the relationships between them.  I want my clients to look back at the photos I took in 50 years and feel like they are reliving the moment I captured.

I recently read "The Happiness Project," and Gretchen Rubin and she states, "Remembering happy times gives a big boost to happiness, and looking at photographs of happy times helps make those memories more vivid.  The money I spent on the photographs will strengthen family bonds, enhance happy memories, and capture fleeting moments of childhood.  That’s a pretty good return on the happiness investment.

7. What is one piece of helpful advice you would give to other entrepreneurs?

I’ve always liked the Japanese Proverb, "Fall down 7 times, stand up 8."