The mask

I never even knew when or how I grew my mask. One day my boss was having a painful review with me telling me that when I laughed too much in the office, people would assume that I didn’t work hard. The next few years, I became a hardnosed, hard faced professional stifling a thousand truths and killing what was essentially the real me.

Ripping the mask off

As I matured, I found an employer who embraced my laughter and truthfulness. I learned to fear the true me less and used it to make a unique stamp on the world around me.

Now that I own my own business, I’m even freer to rip the mask off completely and let all facets of me truly shine.

It’s scary

A coach friend told me about a tarot card reading client who came to him for business coaching and related the story of how she had completely positioned herself as a business consultant—not once breathing a word about her true passion and profession.

When my friend asked her why she’d gone so far away from earning a living from her true passion, she indicated fear as her number one driver to hide behind a ‘business’ mask.  Yes, it’s scary to be up for rejection when you reveal who you truly are but here’s a new reason for you to do so without delay—you’ll attract more ideal clients.

Ideal client magnet

Your ability to attract people like you to you is directly proportional to the visibility of your true self. Like attracts like. So if your ideal client is authentic, fearless and passionate about the same things that you love, now there’s a true client match made in attraction heaven.

Monetize your true self

My favourite story about monetizing a person’s authenticity comes from my coach’s coach Suzanne Evans. Her colourful language and no-holds barred personality are now money making paraphernalia that she sells at her events. Stuffed toy bombs with the word ‘F’ emblazoned on them are thrown into the audience. “Hell Yeah’ t-shirts are sold and worn by attendees to her conferences. Do you think this woman’s afraid to be who she truly is? She’s a millionaire doing it.

Think about what that could mean for your business and dare to rip that mask off completely for once and for all.

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