On-the-go printing

How many times have you wanted to print something you were reading from your smartphone or tablet only to have to wait until you return to your office (and remember) to do it? With the Printer Pro app you can now send that document directly to print as you’re reading it and you don’t need an AirPrint compatible printer to do it.

Print from many applications

Once the app is downloaded, there are a series of steps to getting it set up but once that’s completed, you can print email attachments, web pages, clipboard content, photos and documents from Dropbox and Google Drive. The app allows you to print wirelessly to most Wi-Fi printers and to any printer attached to a PC or MAC. I tested the app with the latter, which required an additional one-time setup to my PC.

Flawless execution

I get excited when technology works as it should and Printer Pro for iPhone did not disappoint. Documents were printed on demand, whether I was at the mall or upstairs in my bedroom. If you forget to turn the printer on, documents print once it’s powered up again.

Printer Pro in my opinion is a must have app for any business owner. Time is money and the app saves you time so that you don’t need to go back and search for the documents that need to be printed when you return to the office.

Be sure to download Printer Pro Lite and test whether the app works with your printer before buying the full version.

Printer Pro for iPhone $4.99

Printer Pro for iPad $6.99

Feature image: Readdle Inc.