Nadine Moffat Podcast


Nadine Moffat Small Thumbnail PodcastNadine is passionate about making women feel good. She is co-founder and owner of Dress Mavens, an online custom dress store. After working in the beauty, fashion and wellness industry for over a decade, she had twins and didn’t return after her maternity leave. With the desire for a flexible schedule, she started a personal styling business that in turn highlighted the need for custom professional clothing which organically developed into Dress Mavens.

With strong business acumen, and growing up in an entrepreneurial home – Nadine is a born go-getter. Having nearly 20 years of business experience that includes a strong retail background, training and development, styling, and spa/business consulting, she’s built on passion, and driven to succeed.

Dress Mavens has created an online community where women are choosing to love their bodies. Whether you’re petite, tall, slim, curvy or plus size, ordering these tailor-made dresses is just a few simple clicks away and voila another woman owning her figure. You can customize the color, neckline, sleeves, and hemline to suit your individual taste. And the fit, well it’s always a perfect match, but we should warn you that a boost of confidence may occur, and we invite you to embrace it, maybe even strut it out a little to get the full effect.

We want women to forget their size: it’s just a number. Size should not define us. A customized fit is where the magic happens. We want you to join our #dropthesize body movement and be part of the quest towards body acceptance by all women everywhere.

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