Get Creative, Reflect and Have Fun with Photo Gifts

I love the art of experience when creating fabulous gifts ideas throughout the year. Whether it is the Christmas season, graduation time, anniversary or business gifts be sure to take the personal approach and make a lasting impression with a gift that evokes memories and provides a personal touch you won’t forget. Photo gifts are fun to create and easy to order with a variety of fresh options you likely had no idea existed!

Here are some ideas to consider while taking on photo gifts:

1. Build with a buffer
Ensure you give yourself enough time to submit your project. Consider the deadlines during busy gift-giving times of the year.  Staples Canada makes it super easy with in-store pickup for last minute shoppers! Be sure to collect everything you need in advance. I keep a handy folder on my desktop for photos that are special to me. Ensure you are have captured your images in high enough resolution to print. DLSR Cameras are fabulous to shoot with and capture amazing photos. Don’t be intimated; there are full automatic options to shoot in while you are getting to know your camera with helpful (and free) tutorials online to watch via Youtube or (use your Library card to access for free).

2. Make a lasting impression by sending cards in the mail 
Brighten the day of a loved one or business colleague by sending a personalized card. In this day in age those who take the extra step to mail a card stand out!  Also, do the unexpected by sending a card at an unlikely time. Your thoughtfulness will be sure to help you stand out and provides an opportunity for a follow-up call. Or that receiver might just call you first as you will be top of mind.

3. Set yourself up with the right equipment or people to help you

Using a tripod is a handy tool. Also, consider having fun with natural backdrops. This will make life easier for you when setting up that perfect shot.  Do put your camera on a timer so that you can take multiple shots and be in your photos! Too much for you? Simplify even more by making arrangements in advance to use a photographer you love.  Be sure to tell this person what you want to use the images for and gain agreement in advance. Some photographers have packages where you own the digital images so be sure to negotiate that too.

4. Be creative with the choices 

There are many options for you to consider based on the tastes of your gift receiver. Got a grandpa or business colleague that loves coffee? Arrange a coffee mug gift that has the perfect image and or written expression that suits that person. Other great ideas include: photobooks, calendars, key chains, playing cards, fleece blankets, puzzles, totes bags and more. Check out all your options here. 

5. Have a sense of humour 

My husband and I joke the perfect family portrait would have us all bickering to represent real life. Check out Awkward Family Photos for some silly inspiration.

Inspired and ready to take action? Save 30%, and order by December 15th – orders can be picked up at convenient store locations near you. 


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