#SocialforGood Conference Attendee Biography

Natalie is on a mission to help change agents and forward thinking organizations amplify their positive impact in the world while enhancing their precious well-being in the process. Her clients are the clever, creative and caring: thought-leaders, community-builders, entrepreneurs, educators, and social innovators, those who are all focused on doing good work.

She left a 17-year career in the corporate world of clinical research to make her unique mark on the world. Based on the belief that work and business are important vehicles for social change and the roots of a meaningful life, Natalie founded her boutique professional development company in 2006.

Her unique system operates at the intersection of the best that evidenced-based science has to offer including positive psychology, neuroscience, behavioural ecomonics; and experiential learning. Through engaging speaking, interactive, handcrafted workshops, one-to-one and team coaching engagements her clients rekindle their enthusiasm for making their mark on the world during these turbulent times.

Natalie has a life coach certification and is a certified positive psychology coach. She is also a workshop and meeting facilitator and an Instructor at her alma mater, The University of Toronto, in their Continuing & Professional Learning Department (The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education).

As a seasoned speaker, Natalie has delivered hundreds of talks and workshops across North America. Through her unique visual storytelling approach, Natalie creates a highly engaging experience, sharing her unique insights into topics ranging from creative collaboration and mastering your mindset to workplace well-being. Audiences benefit from the practical strategies, tools and the action steps she shares that spark meaningful change lasting far beyond the event itself.

How can your experience or your business help fellow conference attendees?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for seven years and have had a 17-year career prior to that. Along the way I have had the privilege of learning many lessons, strategies and tools that have helped me create a meaningful business and a happy life. I am always delighted to connect with likeminded people to share experiences and resources.

What do you hope to take away from the conference?

I’d like to gain three more skills/tools that I can use to help my clients further their professional and personal goals.

I am always delighted to expand my professional network.

What is most inspiring book you have read?

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausche. One of the most beautifully written books of inspiration and courage I’ve ever read.

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Natalie Currie is attending the #SocialforGood Conference

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