s-6You have a unique voice.

A unique perspective, story, and expertise.

How can you translate the ideas in your head, out into the world?

How do you impact your audience so they deeply understand what your business is all about?

Give A Speech.

Make A Video.

But you’re nervous.

You’re not sure what to say. Or how to say it.

You definitely don’t want to look unprofessional.

Join me, Jaeny Baik in this energetic webinar. crammed with practical tips on presentation skills and mindset.

After speaking on stages across North America, including a TEDx Talk,
I believe you are at your most powerful when you take off your “professional mask” and act like a human being. Not a corporation. Forget the jargon. Don’t hide behind powerpoint. Be real and allow your true personality to come out!


Jaeny transforms entrepreneurs from “zero to hero” in front of the camera. She also talks to random strangers in the supermarket line. Her insatiable curiosity drove her to dig up stories for 10 years as a journalist and host for the CBC. Her first TV show won a Gracie Allen Award from New York, and after hosting “Living Vancouver,” viewership shot up by almost 50%. Behind the camera, Jaeny spent 5 years in commercial film production for major brands (Budweiser, Hummer, Hasbro)

Now Jaeny coaches on-camera performance, directs YouTube videos / vlogs and writes scripts with authentic *’PUNCH!* No corporate jargon allowed! Her ideal client? Someone who’s courageous enough to allow their authentic personality to shine in their marketing.
Clients sometimes hire Jaeny just to “hang out” because of her positively fun and infectious energy. Don’t wait in the supermarket line before having a chat!