Okay, so maybe that’s stretching it a bit, but I really did expose an unflattering picture of myself for quite a while, without even recognizing it.

It all started when a good friend of mine said to me “that profile picture has got to go. You’re so much prettier than that in real life! Thank goodness we have the type of relationship where (as a running pal of mine would say) she doesn’t shoot sunshine up my butt!  “Oh” I said – “really?”  I guess I must have thought that it wasn’t that bad. I told her that I had been interviewed for the September issue of Backbone magazine, and that this was the picture that would accompany the article.

“We have to change it” she said, and off we went, indoors and out on an amateur photo shoot. Where is @jengphotog when you need her?  Unfortunately not in the Kawarthas, so we had to wing it.

Several shots later we reviewed and narrowed it down to two. Not bad for a couple of amateurs. My question to you dear friends, is which one should I use for my profile?

Is is shot #1?


Or is it shot #2?








I’ll be uploading the most popular vote as my gravatar (that little thumbnail that exposes you to everyone on the web), so I’d really like your opinion in the comments below.

Next week I’ll be posting a video on how to create your own customized gravatar. Stay tuned!

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