Is your spouse struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction? Does he or she need an affordable, discreet, customized treatment service?

That’s exactly what we offer with “Heal at Home.” We provide medically supervised detox and addiction treatment in the privacy of your own home.
“Heal at Home” was created to serve the specialized needs of top level executives and managers, who need professional addiction treatment, but must continue with their career responsibilities while maintaining their privacy in treatment. We help them accomplish this.

If this is the kind of addiction treatment you’ve been searching for, contact us TODAY!! You’ll find more information about what we can do for your spouse at
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Author Biography

Sophie Solmini is an Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Counsellor and a Substance Abuse Professional. She has worked for more than a decade in the addiction field and has specialized in withdrawal management (detox). She has experience working in government funded hospitals and also private clinics.
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