MSFT Instagram Channel“No matter what your vision for the future is, we want to help you get there.” Instagram for Microsoft in Business Canada shows us our future is always changing – we need to be adaptable. We need to be nimble. Social media evolves and so do we. I love Instagram because it allows us a sneak-peak into the human side of the brands we love. Playing in the office, experiencing technology and capturing our lives through images is a powerful thing.

How can your brand use Instagram?

  1. Feature your events and your staff playfully
  2. Announce a special giveaway just for your Instagram followers
  3. Use a hashtag to tell a story through images
  4. Record short videos to personalize your brand
  5. Post stories about your customers through images

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How do you experience Instagram? We would love to know and will be sure to follow you! While you are at it, follow Microsoft in Business Canada and see how they are harnessing the power of Instagram.