This is dedicated to all amazing women in our life… (who are here with us or dearly departed).

Question for you – Do you have someone in your life who has given you inspiration or strength? I do.  

Everyday I look at a picture of my grand mother on my window-sil.  Looking at her picture on a daily basis helps me to focus. It also reminds me that anything is possible even when you think it isn’t. Running a business can seem very daunting and having a symbol of strength is very important. My grandmother is that symbol for me. My grandmother was unstoppable, unbeatable and a force of nature who I admired greatly. I credit her for helping me to become the women I am today.

Margaret ( also my middle name) was there for me through thick and thin. She taught me to believe in myself.  She saw things in me that I couldn’t see and she made dam sure to tell me what she thought I was capable of.

In my early twenties I really understood the value of our relationship. We talking about struggles she endured in her life and I asked her a lot about her amazing history. Those conversations were precious to me and  sadly our relationship was cut short when she died of cancer.  I feel that her presence has continued to have a very positive effect on my life. I am strong because I sense she is looking out for me. It is a very comforting feeling.

Who in your life has changed the way you think and has helped you to see the amazing person you are?