2015-04-15_1136Meet Nicole from @Mr_Pigglesworth

After working with students during their University life as assistant educators, Nicole Cadwallader and Christina Cadwallader have written a series of books for kids. “Mr. Pigglesworth focuses on the message we can learn in the classroom and outside of the classroom everyday,” says Nicole, “that learning to save can be fun, with Mr. Pigglesworth’s motto ‘Filthy Rich, Clean Fun!’©”

 Christina believes that financial responsibility is not something intrinsic for first to fifth graders. It has to be taught. According to Christina, “A child who learns financial responsibility- who is rewarded by that great accomplishment- is a child that develops a greater sense of self. This is how children gain confidence”

The Business

Teaching kids how to save and responsibilities.

Giving Back

By teaching kids how to save, they get the self confidence they need to use their new skills outside the classroom.

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