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Erin of @ContentforGood

The Business

As climate change and globalization progress, today’s kids will grow up in a world of challenges unlike anything previous generations have faced. Meanwhile, many tweens are obsessed with their phones, social media and video games. Unfortunately this can contribute to a disconnect from crucial social and environmental issues. But what if we could use tech to re-engage kids by entertaining them in a meaningful way?

content4good is a new startup in Victoria creating socially-conscious video games for kids ages 8 to 12 that inspire players to improve the real world. Their first game in development is iSave the World, an innovative business simulation game where kids become digital social entrepreneurs – Operating their own virtual impact business, players discover the powerful effect they can have on our planet and its people through the choices they make. Most importantly, they’ll be having a fun time doing it.

Giving Back

content4good’s purpose is to create positive real world impact through gaming, both within its games and the company’s operations. iSave the World will be fun while inspiring real world behaviour and action by engaging players in social entrepreneurship and the triple bottom line: People, Planet & Profit. They’ll have to consider people and the environment when making business decisions, while trying to keep their company profitable. By empowering kids to balance profit with social responsibility, and to create their own opportunities, we’re helping them to become adaptable, globally-minded and independent people on an increasingly unpredictable planet. TED speaker Cameron Herold said, “if we could get kids to embrace
the idea at a young age of being entrepreneurial, we could change everything in the world that is a problem today.” iSave the World is an innovative game that helps kids do exactly that.

content4good has big ambitions but CEO/Founder Erin Skillen needs support from trailblazing women business owners to make it happen.

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