Meeting clients, suppliers, consultants, contractors–it’s all part of a day’s work. Sometimes they may come to you, other times you go to them.  If you’re the one heading into unfamiliar territory, MapQuest 4 Mobile may be your new best friend.

The MapQuest app provides accurate, voice-guided turn by turn directions to your destination.  Think of it as the no frills version of the traditional GPS navigation devices.

Although my iPhone comes with its own Maps app, what sets MapQuest apart is that it gives me spoken voice directions.  I don’t have to stop the car to look at the map.  I just listen to hear where I have to turn next.  This feature is a must have when you’re driving solo and is what initially attracted me to it.

The app also provides live traffic information, search by points of interest (hotels, restaurants, gas stations, shopping, etc) and walking directions.  Being able to find amenities near you and to get walking directions right from your device are big pluses for the business traveller staying in town for a few days.  It sure beats carrying the bulky GPS unit around!

A recent app update now includes “Estimated Time of Arrival” and “Distance to Travel” which will tell you approximately how long and how far your journey will take and “Side of Street Announcement” (i.e. “Your destination is on the left”).  I’ve often griped about not knowing which side of the street my destination was on, so I’m very pleased they’ve added it to this update.

The one drawback to the app is that it’s a huge battery drainer, at least that has been my experience with the iPhone.  If you plan on using MapQuest frequently, make sure you have a car charger.

So, the next time you walk in late to a meeting (with smartphone in hand), don’t apologize about your tardiness because you got “lost”.  Cause in today’s mobile world, it just won’t fly.

Do you think the MapQuest app could potentially replace your GPS unit?


App:  MapQuest 4 Mobile

Price:  Free

Available for:  iOS, Android, Blackberry

MapQuest 4 Mobile - AOL, Inc.

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