Not many people can say that!

I Love these chips!

Usually mice are pests that leave droppings all over the place, and get into that bag of chips you bought that you were saving for an evening of entertainment with a good chick flick!

My mouse is ergonomically friendly, wireless and easy to store. It doesn’t leave droppings or get into my treasured bag of potato chips. It’s the Microsoft Arc Mouse that I received in my swag bag from the Women In Biz Conference in May.

Why I love it:

1) It feels good when I place my hand on it.

2) It moves along my desktop smoothly without a mouse pad.

3) It has a really small (purple – my favourite colour) USB that plugs into my laptop.

4) It’s wireless.

5) There is a storage place for the USB under the mouse which is protected by the folding bottom piece of the mouse, making it easy to throw into my purse or briefcase with all the other stuff that I keep in there, and not worry about it getting damaged.

microsoft arc mouseSo ladies, if you attended the Women In Biz Conference, and you haven’t let the mouse take up residence in your house, now is the time to dig through the swag bag, unpack it, and start using it!

If you didn’t attend the Women In Biz Conference, you might want to set aside some $$ now so that you can get in on the fun in 2012, and while you’re at it, order your Arc Mouse from Microsoft today 🙂