Now available on the iPad

Currently boasting more than 150 million professionals, LinkedIn is one of the early online networking platform for building professional relationships. With the popularity of tablets (especially the iPad), it was only a matter of time for it to find a home on the iPad. Maybe it was worth the wait (you be the judge), but many have wondered why it took LinkedIn so long to release an Apple compatible app.

Sleek and simple user interface

The app is surprisingly understated yet compact considering the amount of information it bears.

At login, the screen offers only 3 options: "All Updates", "You" and "Inbox" with the "All Updates" section being the real gem of the three. It’s a dashboard of sorts where you’ll find content shared by your connections, a "smart" calendar that syncs to your device calendar that profiles the people you’ll be meeting with (great to find common ground), weather for your location, the Dow Jones Industrial Index, a list of people who viewed your profile and a list of contacts who recently changed jobs. The layout is very reminiscent of another hot app, Flipboard, and it’s as easy as flicking your finger to turn the page.  

The second section "You" accesses your profile, recent activity and connections. The strange thing here (which I hope LinkedIn will soon rectify) is that you cannot edit your profile directly from the app. This appears to be a major oversight. 

The "Inbox" is the third section and it’s here that you can send and receive LinkedIn invitations. Any messages you receive will also be here.

Could it replace your morning news feed?

LinkedIn clearly wants to compete to be your daily go-to app, a one stop shop to keep you in the loop on industry news and professionals in your network. Depending how addicted you are to LinkedIn, it just may just become as habit forming as that morning cup of java.  

How often do you find yourself LinkedIn? Have you tried the new app? I’d love to hear your experiences! 

**Note: In case you haven’t heard, LinkedIn was recently hacked and loads of passwords went public. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to change your password.

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Image: LinkedIn