We will spend a powerful hour and half discussing how you can level up your impact with tips for growing a confident mindset.

June 8th, 10-11:30 am

Cost: $10 members | $20 non-members


This event is co-hosted by Women in Biz Network & UGO Travel for Change

Looking to gain more confidence so you can step into your leadership more in business and life?

Join us for a powerful session where we’ll dive into 3 key ways to up-level your confidence and create an “Yes I can” mindset.

You’ll leave with:

  • practical ways to build your confidence
  • tips to quickly step into your courage
  • a better understanding of how to leverage your strengths

Our workshops are always a safe and supportive space for growth, sharing, and connection.

About Leigh Mitchell:

Leigh is a Career and Business Brand Strategist and the founder of Bee Happy HR Co. which builds buzz for diversity and equality-driven brands. She works with busy recruiters & HR departments with a personal mission to humanize HR and recruitment services. Leigh is also the founder of Women in Biz Network, she coaches clients, speaks with interesting guests on her Time to Thrive Podcast, curates mentorship initiatives, promotes Women in Biz Network’s diversity-driven career board, and delivers skill-building events to a variety of audiences. Leigh has been featured in the CBC News, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Living, Wall Street Journal, and a speaker at numerous industry events.


About Jill Valentine:

Jill is the co-founder of UGO Travel for Change and founder of Dare to be a Dandelion. She is a leading Transformative Travel & Impact Coach who harnesses the innate power of travel and volunteerism to create and inspire Changemakers around the globe. Leveraging her skills as a transformation coach and extensive background in the local and global charity/non-profit arena, she’s the creator of ‘The UGO Method for Change Model’ helping current and aspiring changemakers create profound personal and global change. A passionate humanitarian, volunteerism specialist, disability sports consultant, and world traveller, she lives by the words “Make it happen!”