Weekly Round UP_March18th

As women I think the number one skill you can have is to be “self aware”. This week’s weekly round up focuses of self awareness.

Be strong in your convictions, know when you should speak up and when you have said enough. Don’t let guilt or nerves stop you from believing in your self and what you believe in.

Our blogger Chala Dincoy did a great job explaining how to capitalize on the “The Power of You” – finding strength through your personal brand. I myself examined how to tap into your personal strengths more. Lastly and most importantly we examined “Ban Bossy” and were shocked that women don’t speak up … in the most critical situations EVER: our health. A new study came out indicating that “Women wait longer for Cardiac Care”…. Why? Because they don’t speak up.

Here is our Weekly Round of Stories We Hope Will Empower You More: