Keeping it simple…No frills attached!

There seems to be a trend these days toward using the latest and greatest to attract readers to our blogs and clients to our websites. I’ve always believed that simple is better, in fact I’ve built my business Simple Websites, Simply Affordable on this very principle.

As I was sitting down on our cottage dock, enjoying the simple things nature has to offer, I came across an article in Web Design Ledger that touches on this very topic. In our fast paced lives, where we seem to be driven 110% of the time, we really appreciate the simple things when we stumble upon them.

According to Bill Post , simple is better: “No matter what you’re trying to tell a customer, the best way to convey the information is by getting back to the basics, in everything from fonts and wording to thoughts and color. In short, simple sells.”

The article goes on to list 4 reasons to get back to basics:

1. More isn’t always better
Bombarding your readers or clients with a multitude of choices results in confusion and information overload. Keep it simple and straight forward and they will stay on your site longer.

2. Don’t make your reader or client grab a dictionary
If it doesn’t make sense to a child in late elementary school or middle school, then
re-write it. Focus on using easy-to-understand sentences and phrases.

3. It’s not just what you say but how you say it
Forget the fancy fonts and typeface. Using a simple, easy to read font such as arial, in a readable size (12-14), makes it easy on the eyes for your audience. Remember, keep it simple!

4. Make it easy to digest at a glance
White space is your friend, so use it. Avoid bells and whistles like animated gifs and flash. While it may attract attention, it is also annoying at times, and distracts the reader from your important message. A well laid out page with white space interspersed throughout, will keep your readers focused on what you have to say.

Read the full article in Web Design Ledger

Judy Ranieri is the founder of Mibec Communications – Simple Websites, Simply Affordable, and the author, editor and jack of all trades at Small Biz Cafe