Your health is the investment of a lifetime!

Investing in your health is much more than just extending the number of years you are on this planet. It’s more about the quality of the life you live and the legacy you leave behind you for your family and friends to remember you by

Quality of life is the single best thing you can do for yourself, your partner and your children. Setting an example of what you want to be (no matter what) is what can make or break you as you climb that stairway to success – or at least what you “think” success is.

For me, success is not a monetary value but an overall experience from a health perspective. If I have my health in balance, I have created a strong foundation that can support anything that is thrown my way.

Health – what IS it?

There’s no question that health creates a picture of just not how many miles you can run or how many pounds you can lift, but what’s going on mentally and spiritually as well.

I’m sure I am not alone when I say that I have heard too many stories of rich and powerful people who seem to have it all, just to watch their world crumble around them. If we can’t get it together on the inside, how on earth do we expect to expand and grow on the outside?

Balance – it really IS attainable.

There’s an inside joke, especially in the mom world, that “balance” is a farce. I mean, does anyone really achieve it? What does IT mean?

As far as I am concerned, there is no magic pill. However, sitting idly by and waiting for that moment is an excuse to accept that crazy is the new norm and there’s no way out.

Investing in self-care is the BEST investment you can make.

Now I’m not going to lie, I’m not perfect and I certainly have been known to let things fall through the crack from time to time.


Making sure you are always a priority and never forgetting that if you’re not happy, no one else is, is the best ammunition you have.

So the next time you find yourself pulled from both ends (like every day) and that something’s got to give, please don’t drop that fitness class or skip your daily walk. It’s these things that will help to reduce your stress, create clarity in your mind and fuel yourself to be even more efficient in the end.

Because let’s be honest; how many times have you said “I should have gone to the gym today” and beat yourself up about it?

We need to stop “shoulding” all over ourselves and instead make choices that support what we teach our children;

That we ARE worth it and better never forget it!