plant in handAs a small business owner, I quickly understood that every penny I spent on my self was money spent on my business because I AM my business. Now, I spend my time telling my own clients who want to grow their business to invest in themselves, even if they think they can’t afford that right now.

Here are a few suggestions on where to invest in yourself based on my own unique perspective:

1. Invest In Your Physical Health

When my own sister asked me if she should pay for a personal trainer  or just take regular classes at her gym, I didn’t hesitate. I knew from experience that I lost a whole lot of weight and gained a ton of muscle mass when I hired my personal trainer. I also knew that spending money on your health in any way is never a waste, even if times are tough.

2. Invest In Your Mental and Spiritual Health

I actually paid to learn how to meditate properly. I mean, there were much cheaper books, cd’s, dvd’s, free YouTube videos on how to do this, yet I went and invested hard earned dollars to sit in a room with a guru and meditated to music for hours. Did I feel a little crazy, maybe..but I know that to this day, it’s the most effective tool I have to get over stress in any area of my life.

3. Invest In Your Marketing Strategy

Simply showing up at networking events is the way some people expect to grow their business. If they’re showing up at the right places and saying the right things, then they get business out of it. However, true marketing is first getting a strategy together where you figure out who to target as your ideal client. Invest in figuring out your strategy first, THEN  you’ll get a bang out of your marketing efforts.

4. Invest In Getting Help With The Small Stuff

One of my first hires was a Virtual Assistant because even though I didn’t have enough clients to warrant her help, I knew that soon I would need the infrastructure of having someone else take care of the routine jobs related to client management. Unfortunately if you’re busy with the small stuff you have nothing left over to go after the big stuff.

5. Invest In Love

Spending time and energy on being with my family and friends is a real priority for me that I find sadly get dropped for busy, successful businesswomen. Even if it means missing a networking event, I’ll make time for a girlfriend’s birthday dinner. I’ll take one less client per day to pick up my 4 year old at exactly 4pm each day. Investing in love is probably the best investment of all.


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