The Canadian theme for International Women’s Day is a powerful one – Strong Leadership. Strong Women. Strong World: Equality. Reflecting on this theme has really made me think back on my career. I have been managing staff in my career for the last ten years and it has truly been the most rewarding part of my career. 

The first staff person I ever hired was a women – a new Canadian with a kick ass technology background in Oracle technology. Yet she could not find a job because she didn’t have any experience. She came to me through our local volunteer bank and I put her to work on our relatively "newish" government web site. Eventually I was given the opportunity to hire her part time and ultimately full time within the year.

It was an exciting time for me – I was flexing my leadership skills with great results. I saw this women bloom and eventually she came to me and said that there was another job opportunity. Inside I was feeling – ohh no what am I going to do but I quickly got over that and focused on helping her.  This was a great job opportunity where she could directly use her Oracle background and I was truly excited for her. I helped coach her for the interview and crossed my fingers that they would give her a second interview. Eventually they did and soon I was called for a reference, 

Supporting the women I work with and not holding them back has always been my strong point and extremely rewarding work. I have worked with some amazing women over the years and I am thrilled to see them move onto bigger and better things. 

Here are three of my top tips for being a great manager that your staff will never forget (in a good way!): 

  1. Lead by example. Work hard, be approachable and check your ego at the door.  

  2. Be clear and present. When you can’t be these things strive to follow up in a manner that leaves everyone feeling like they know their role and how to grow within that role. 

  3. Have fun and be generous in spirit. Studies show that while money is an important factor for why people work for you it is not the ultimate reason they are there. Make sure you are providing them with opportunity, great leadership and direction to grow. 

If you are entrepreneurial like me will find this video below really exciting . Personally, I didn’t know how many cool products have been created by women. Watch and be inspired and celebrate a 100 years of women changing the world. 

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