Telus and I have been in a committed relationship for a VERY long time…… In the beginning, I started as a ClearNet customer.  Telus bought out ClearNet and since then, I have been a Telus customer.

So let me share with you some ways in which Telus has changed my world (like any good partner should).


5 Ways Telus has changed my world:

1. Telus introduced me to texting (I blossomed late – I actually didn’t start texting until about four years ago when my intern taught me). I love Texting so much – I find it easy to keep of track of texts better then email and the bonus is no spam. LOVE it.

2. Telus taught me that I matter early on. This is important and I make sure every company I deal with makes me feel special or we “break up”. Let me explain,  I left my full time job and had to change my cell plan to keep up with my small business needs. Telus spent hours on the phone with me ensuring that I had the great deals and the best options to work smart and save money. I adjust as I go and I don’t ever feel “locked in”.

3. Telus took me to see Flo Rida – I love music and value it as a special experience. Nothing beats live music. When Blackberry10 launched in Canada this year, Telus invited me to attend the BlackBerry10 Launch Party. It also happened to also be my husband’s birthday. Not only did Telus take me to this event but they allowed me to bring my husband too! So we both got a lovely date night out and my husband received a little gift too from the thoughtful Telus staff (thanks Elisabeth).  How sweet is that?

4. Telus introduced me to  the BlackBerry10 & trained me on how to use itBlackberry certainly isn’t completely new to me – I had a Blackberry from a previous job, but recently I have been using the Iphone. However, Telus arranged a very special training session where  they presented me with my very own new Blackberry10 and then trained me on how to use it. The features of the BlackBerry10 are fantastic for business (see below).

5. Telus taught me that nothing beats good customer service. Telus is fantastic at this. They are actually rated number 1 for customer satisfaction by Consumer’s Reports. Whenever I call Telus I always leave the call feeling completely satisfied. They go out of there way to help me and to make me feel like I matter. As a business owner I try and emulate those values when  working with clients and my WIBN members.

So as you know, I have the new BlackBerry10 courtesy of Telus and I can tell you that it has some pretty fantastic features for business use.


blackberry_z10Here are the Features of Blackberry10 that I love:


    • Predictive text keyboard: It gets to know what words you type and gives you the option to select those words. It cuts down on my typing time and typos.


    • Viewing Adobe Flash Player Stuff:  Unlike the Iphone, Blackberry devices work with Adobe Flash Player. The fact that I can view videos and web sites that use Adobe Flash Player is useful- I no longer get a blank screen when I open something containing Flash.


    • Story Maker: This super cool feature allows me to make cool videos really easily with images and video and then upload it straight to YouTube easily. I see myself using this to create more business Youtube videos.  More videos on YouTube means better SEO. Fantastic!


    • Save Passwords App: Is it just me or is it getting harder to keep track of all your passwords? Blackberry10 has made it easier for me to keep track of all this with an app to store all of my passwords.


    • Camera: I love that you can take a picture by touching any part on the screen. This comes in handy when you are chasing kids for that perfect picture and of course saves a lot of time. You can take pictures with rapid fire speed.


  • Personal and Business Profiles: If you are like me then you occasionally (like all the time) allow your children to play with your phone to kill time. However you might end up having your child send a text to your boss. Not good. Blackberry has separate personal and business profiles that allow you to save business contacts to your business profile and separate contacts for the personal profile. Pretty handy if you don’t want to text or call your boss at 6 am because you gave your son your phone in bed to play with while you try and doze off again!


All this to say, I am no longer “dating” Telus anymore. I feel like we have entered into a new phase of our relationship and the wedding bells are ringing. The new Blackberry10 is like my engagement ring and Telus and I are on the way to the alter. Gotta love a company that loves me!