Questions and Tips

Here is the tweet chat questions and below is the wonderful wisdom provided by our community.  Join us next Thursday at 1 pm EST / 10 PAC  #PassiontoProfit to connect and share together with us . Want to participate? Here are the instructions on how to participate in a tweet chat

Q1 – Have you been mentored? #mentorherbiz

Tip: Mentors are active listners first and foremost #mentorherbiz #passiontoprofit

Q2 – Who is your mentor? #mentorherbiz

Tip: Good mentors are curious. #mentorherbiz #passiontoprofit #mentorherbiz

Q3 – What impact has that person made in your life?

Tip: You can use a mentor at every step of your business development #mentorherbiz

Q4- Would you mentor someone?

Tip: Make your mentorship partnership win win for both parties #mentorherbiz

Q5- What skills and assets would you bring to a mentee?

Tip: Good mentors advise and guide but ultimate decisions must come from within #mentorherbiz

Final Question – What advice do you have for assuring a great mentorship relationship for those just starting out.