Even if you’ve never been a part of a trade show or convention, you know that your booth is an extremely important part of drawing in potential customers to your display. Maybe you’re considering attending your first trade show or convention as a vendor and you’re unsure of how to present your work. Maybe you haven’t found success at trade shows or conventions in the past, and you’re wondering if there is an aspect of your booth design that has been lacking. Either way, here are some considerations to take when you’re setting up your booth for a trade show or convention.

Break the Mould

First, think of every trade show that you have ever attended. Can you recall booth after booth of t-shirts, stickers and an email newsletter signup sheet? Of course you can, because these are the trade show standards. Now, brainstorm how you can do something completely different to attract attention and pique interest in potential clients.

Be Noticeable

Your potential clients want to know who you are and what you do before they even approach your booth. This means creating clear and concise visual aids that can be read from afar, these will give people an idea of why they want to look further into your services. This is how you reel your clients in and deliver your well-practiced elevator pitch. One of the best ways to do this would be to create a professional stand up banner or a horizontal banner that can be suspended behind you. These banners allow you to get across your mission, contact and products before you even say a word.

Use Social Media To Leverage Your Presence

It’s always a good idea to use your social media presence to your benefit before a show. Tell your followers and fans where you’re going to be and encourage them to come out and see your booth if they’re in the area. You can also host little giveaways throughout the day using your Facebook and Twitter by inviting people at the conference or trade show to visit and say a key word in order to win. People love these types of outreach efforts, and it gets you the attention that you’re seeking!


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