As a seasoned marketer is is hard to believe that when I first started dabbling with Facebook Advertising I was extremely nervous to use it. I had heard stories of colleagues using it and saying that they got little results so I thought to myself… what’s the point? 

Being that I am a pretty determined researcher I thought I should do some more digging and see if there was more to it then what I was told…. and low and behold I did find some interesting "don’t do it" tips that you might like to know:

  1. Never ask your "targeted" Facebook users to leave Facebook. Instead figure out advertising campaigns that keep them in Facebook where they have chosen to be in the first place. This means setting up campaigns that link to: A Facebook event (that you set up),  A Facebook Story from your wall or a Like Our Page Ad which takes new users to your Fan/Like Us Page. 
  2. You don’t have time to "play" with your results. The best Facebook advertising campaigns come from lots of testing. That means trying a series of advertisements with different criteria and seeing which ads have the best results. This could mean having different:  creative, wording or targeted audience or page. Always look back and evaluate how you are doing. 
  3. You don’t know who your target audience is.  The beauty of Facebook advertising is being able to very specifically choose your target market. If you don’t know your customer then don’t bother using Facebook advertising. Here is an example from a recent ad that I set up:  This advert targets 1,202,180 users:
  • Who live in Canada
  • Who live within 16 kilometres of Burlington, ON, Mississauga, ON, Oakville, ON or Toronto, ON
  • Age 25 and older
  • Who are female
  • Who are not already connected to Women In Biz Network  

I hope that you find these "Don’t Do it" tips useful. 

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