As you may already know, I have recently spent time in Vancouver with our official launch into the Vancouver market. We put on a great event for Women Entrepreneurs at the Yaletown Opus Hotel called Branding your Biz with Rebecca Bollwitt & Heather White.

While I was in Vancouver Adria MacKenzie of GM Canada was kind enough to lend me the Chevrolet Orlando to drive while around town in beautiful Vancouver. At my event, Jill Amery of Urban Mommies  and I swapped stories about driving the Orlando.  You can read about why she likes the car here.  (lucky girl drove it in Orlando!)



Here is my top 5 list for why I liked the Chevrolet Orlando 


  1. The 7 seater drives & parks like a compact car. Can I just say I dread city parking (as I am not very good at it) and I am completely stress free when I park and drive this car downtown.


  2. I love the child mirror seat. I didn’t have my baby in the car while in Vancouver. However, we did have my sister’s very cute dog which we could easily see from the front seat. I have used removable mirrors before and they always ended up falling off or the position moves and you can’t see your baby!


  3. The seats are very comfy. My sister insisted that we mention this point as she says she has never sat in a more comfortable driver’s seat. I would have to agree too as the contour from the back of my knees is fabulous.


  4. The storage room is delightful. Given that I am an event planner I do have to bring a lot of boxes to my event locations and I find that I am always stuck for space.  The back window is tall and there is lots of room.The seats are also flexible so you have a number of different configurations to play with.


  5. The car is funky. Okay a lot of people would make fun of me for listing this, but,  I am pretty snobby about the interior of a car. The Orlando has a modern feel to it and it houses a hidden compartment for my ipod and iphone with charging functions included. I don’t feel like a "minivan mom" (not that there is anything wrong with that LOL).

So my overall impression is a total thumbs up. I am actually in the process of buying one so I guess I must be as they say "SOLD".

Here are some pictures of scenery I saw on my trip from the drives I did around Vancouver:


YaleTown Near the Opus Hotel (where our event was)

Grouse Mountain

Trout Lake (where we walked my sister’s dog "Dexter") pretty much every day!


Want more info on the Chevy Orlando?

Check this video out which happens to have my friends Danielle & Amy of Mom Inc in it!