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Her New Wave Of Success Started with a Marshmellow around the Camp Fire



How does your business help entrepreneurs and professional women?

I inspire women to just keep moving forward. Try things on and not to be afraid to take risks. If it doesn’t work, just FLIP IT! Maybe a simple tweak is all you need for success.

What are you passionate about in your business and what steps are you taking to make it profitable?

I am passionate about helping women see that they are not alone. I am a scrappy entrepreneur so I am always looking to produce results with the least amount of cash flow.

What do you hope conference attendees will take away from hearing you speak at our conference?

I want the fire lit and hope they will go out immediately and try something they have been only thinking and dreaming about.CRAVE

What is your favourite business tool

google docs. couldn’t live without it for working with others remotely.

What is your favourite business book?

Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit

She talks about scratching for ideas. I love her perspective on getting out of your normal routine to get creative.


More about Melody

From strawberry shortcake to home furnishings to a fitness business, Melody has trotted down virtually every entrepreneurial trail in existence. With 23 business ventures under her belt — a few of them even successful! — you might call her a lifelong “start-up junkie.” Her current entrepreneurial love-child is Urban Campfire, a movement to create a different conversation, produced by the CRAVE Company. CRAVE connects savvy business women through networking events, symposiums and a series of smash-hit city guides. Author of CRAVING Success: a startup junkies path from passion to profits. Includes 132 tips for ambitious entrepreneurs.


Connect on Twitter @melodybiringer and at http://www.thecravecompany.com/ and on facebook

Hear Melody Biringer at the Passion to Profit Conference in Vancouver

Session: How the marshmallow turned my life & business around

Being a startup junkie and entrepreneur for over 30 years I am used to failure and turn arounds. However my last failure was hard to take and I went down with a depression for over a year. I will talk about how I got out of my funk and how the marshmallow helped me rise from the ashes.

About the Passion to Profit Conference

Passion to Profit is an affordable opportunity for Canadian entrepreneurs to grow their networks and find the support and training they need. October 20 , 2014 – Vancouver, BC.

Women in Biz Conference

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