Your health strategy is just as important as your business strategy

Being a successful entrepreneur requires commitment to your vision and a determination to succeed.  Successful entrepreneurs have a passion for their business and know a strong business plan can be the key to their success.  Those who have managed to have both family and a business they love are inspiring to watch as they grow their business, their connections and their success. 

I’ve noticed that some entrepreneurs’ sacrifice their health when working hard toward success. They work many hours, often after kids and spouses have gone to bed, they miss a hockey practice here, a soccer game there or swimming lessons to finish one last proposal. They skip lunch to maximize their work time at the office or while the kids are in school or napping and try to catch up on the never-ending emails.   

They tell themselves they’ll use that gym membership as soon as they get caught up.  

They know they should exercise and stop eating fishy crackers for lunch, but it seems the business plan is ahead of their health plan.  Uninterrupted work hours are precious and the business plan becomes the priority, but is the success of a business worth the price of your health? 

Why you need a health plan as much as a business plan

Eating right and exercising takes time out of your work day. I get it. Buying, washing and cutting up vegetables for easy to grab healthy snacks requires forethought.  Personal menu planning is another to do on an already long list of chores. Time to work out is time you just don’t have.  That 30-60 minutes to walk, run, get to the gym, lift weights or do a yoga class is an hour you could spend on perfecting your marketing plan. 

But what good is a successful business if your health is suffering? What good is fame, products on shelves, money in the bank, or business connections if you can’t jog down the street to catch your kids, bike in the trails as a family, kick around a soccer ball or lack energy at the end of the day to read your kids bedtime stories? 

There is no magic solution to fitting in a health plan and no one who does manage it has any more free time or any less work. Fitting in fitness is not easy. But it is possible.  The people you see jogging or going to the gym have made a commitment to their health, are passionate about eating healthy and determined to stay fit no matter how busy business gets. 

Our health is our greatest asset. Our health is our greatest achievement. Our health should be our highest priority. With health we have wealth. With health we achieve success. 

Next time you schedule a meeting to discuss your business plan, think about scheduling a second meeting with yourself to discuss your health plan. Make small changes that include at least three 30-minute walks outside each week and getting to a gym to lift weights and build muscle mass at least twice a week.  

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